Student Life

We have fun!

Our students build meaningful connections in both online and in-person classes—and have even more fun in student clubs and school-sponsored activities throughout the year.

Student Life

As a parent, you want your student to have meaningful friendships with their peers. You might wonder whether your student is getting enough social interaction, especially in the online classroom. We hear you; we want students to make meaningful connections, too. In fact, LAU is unlike most online and blended-learning schools because we encourage students to get out of their comfort zones and connect authentically with each other.

We Are “Burgers”

Since LAU is a Williamsburg Learning school, our students affectionately refer to themselves as “Burgers” (short for Williamsburgers). Ask any Burger, and they’ll tell you they have developed close relationships with their classmates—including those they have never met in person. Our blend of online and in-person activities help students bond, create long-lasting friendships, and build mutual respect for each other.

Activity Info

Links to LAU’s online events, plus a calendar of all student activities, can be found in your student’s Homeroom course in Canvas.

Click below to learn more about the activities and resources available to LAU students:

Click below to learn more about activities and resources available to LAU students:

  • Inspiration Hour – This event is held on most Fridays at 1:00 PM MT and features talks on a variety of inspirational and educational topics. Presenters include members of our own student body, mentors, other staff, and guests. Inspiration Hour is hosted by our Leadership Program Leader and Student Body Leaders. This event is mainly designed for high school students, but middle school students are also invited to attend a few times each year. Students can find invitations to attend Inspiration Hour in Homeroom.
  • First Friday Game Night – This activity is held on the first Friday of each month from 6–7:30 PM MT, and is hosted by an LAU mentor. This activity is designed specifically for middle school students. The link to join can be found in Homeroom.
  • Thursday Night Live This activity is held on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. Students get together to play games online. This activity is hosted by our Student Support Specialist. It’s designed specifically for high school students.

To attend these meetings please login to Canvas

  • LAU Regional Activities- These Activities are hosted by LAU in varying regions throughout Utah and will be chaperoned by LAU staff.  Students will have the opportunity to interact with other LAU students in their district while enjoying a fun venue in their community.  Regional Activities will be held 2-3 times per semester in each region of Utah. 
  • Super Activities- In addition to Regional Activities, LAU will host four super activities per year.  These activities will include a fall festival, winter formal, prom and graduation.   Williamsburg and LAU students from all over the country are invited to attend.
  • Burger MeetsThese activities are held once or twice quarterly and are planned by the Student Body Leadership (SBL) team. These are in-person, fun, and low-cost activities held in various areas as determined by the SBL team. A minimum of two parents must attend each planned event. These events are intended to be self-funded. These are not official school events.
  • Student Elections – High school students who meet certain eligibility requirements can run for a position in our high school Student Body Presidency or Student Body Leadership Team.
  • Student ClubsMultiple clubs are formed each year, inspired by student ideas and interests. Each club is supervised by a mentor. Students are responsible for meeting certain requirements to form clubs, as listed in Homeroom.
  • Student Support – Contact our Student Support Specialist if your student is struggling and could use extra assistance with academic, social, or time management skills.